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Cajon Pedal

Interestingly, drum pedals seem to be more popular outside of Spain…and here in Australia we love inovations…In this article we look briefly at three of the pedals available in Australia, along with some groovy beats to get started with pedals … Continue reading

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Spanish Rhythms on Cajon – Bulerias

One of my favourite things is playing Cajon for flamenco dancers. It’s such a buzz getting in sync with the dancer, getting the Cajon grooving along with the dancer’s taconeo (footwork). It’s also a great way to pick up new … Continue reading

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Ergonomic Cajon Drum

One of my students, Ileana, came up with a simple smart way to make your Cajon ergonomic – without spending a lot of extra cash. All you need is a piece of timber approx 50cm x 4cm x 4cm. By … Continue reading

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How to get the best sound from your Cajon – Bass Technique

I quite often get asked about why I suggest to land rather than bounce off the bass tone. Here is my response to a question from a student who had just done the Intro to Technique module. Question: You mentioned … Continue reading

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Paradiddles on the Cajon!

The paradiddle is a drum rudiment that is really useful for Cajon players of all levels. It is the first pattern I ever learnt on a hand drum, and it kept me busy for a long time, trying out lots … Continue reading

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