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Best Christmas Cajon for Kids

The babies are back! Our gorgeous hand crafted Cajons made in Spain (Requena) and Germany (Schlagwerk) are back in stock…just in time for Christmas. As with all our Cajons, we believe in only stocking quality instruments that are musically satisfying to play, at the same time as keeping prices affordable. So these kids Cajons are instruments for life if cared for properly.

Requena baby Cajons come in red, orange, yellow, and blue. All made from 100% Finnish birch ply and made by Juan himself in his studio in Barcelona. The Schlagwerk Tiger boxes are fun for the wild jungle look!! Or the more serious kids Cajon is the amazing Hip box which you can turn and play on all sides…and to be honest in my opinion, has as good a sound as the full size Schlagwerk 2inOne range.

Any questions feel free to contact me, or you can place your Christmas kids cajon order here








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