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Cajon workshops for Kids

Drumming Groups for Kids with Katie Sharpe

Cajon drumming groups are an awesome way for kids to relax, get in a groove and have fun. Throughout my teaching career, I’ve found that kids just love learning music. It gives them a whole new language, and is an amazing way to express their emotions.Playing music is an escape from the normal world. Whenever I’m drumming, I forget all my stresses and get lost in the rhythm. But music also allows you to discover new things about yourself, and even changes your brain!Being part of a cajon drumming group improves kids’ self-awareness, teamwork and listening skills. The group is a non-competitive, fun space where they can explore their creativity and develop their sense of rhythm and coordination.


I give kids the opportunities to improvise and perform to each other. They also get to create their own music, and learn fun and challenging games. It’s important for kids to have places to safely express their emotions, particularly if they suffer from low self-esteem, depression, learning disabilities or other difficulties. They can lose themselves in the joy of an upbeat rhythm or the intensity of a loud, pounding beat.

Drum groups are a unifying experience. Kids get to communicate their emotions to each other, and, importantly, listen to each other. Drumming is also a total work out – both physically and mentally. Scientists have discovered that playing music actually rewires your brain. When you play, both the left and right sides of the brain are activated, improving academic and cognitive development.

But don’t tell the kids that – because the most important thing is to have fun!

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