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AMALGAMATION: Byron’s Album Launch

After years of collaborating/touring/performing with many other artists, Byron’s long awaited debut solo album of his own works comes into the world!

‘Amalgamation’ is a collection of compositions created over years with some of the amazingly talented musicians he has been privileged to work with.

The night will take you on a musical journey around the world, spanning multiple genres reflecting on past experiences travelling, studying and performing music. Accompanied in various formats throughout the evening and featuring more than 20 guest musicians! Including horn section, numerous rhythm sections, six vocalists, a string quartet & flamenco dancers!!!

Guest vocalists include: Michael Duchesne, Rosie Henshaw, Sheena Wilbow, Jade Lumbewe, Luke Koteras & Van Sereno.
Guest instrumentalists on the night will be: Luke Koteras, Banel Martinez, Andro Martinez, David Reaston (guitars); Daniel Sing and Dauno Martinez (bass); Ellen Kirkwood (trumpet); Simon Ferenci (trombone); Damian de Boos-Smith (cello); Ziva Altman, Simon Ranguis (violins); Nicholas Mark (didgeridoo); Keyna Wilkins (flute); Peter Garrety (Viola) Rosie Henshaw (sitar); Sisa Kori (drums); Jeff Argent (cajon); Maharshi Raval (tabla).
Guest Dancers: Chachy Peñalver & Kat Hoyos.

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