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Schlagwerk Agile Cajon Review

Agile Base – Review of Schlagwerk Agile Snare Cajon CP 550

Schlagwerk’s latest innovation – the Agile Snare Cajon – features a different kind of snare system than seen previously in Cajons. With the Agile Cajon series, the snare is mounted horizontally on a wooden bracket with a layer of foam between the snare and the bracket.


This system then sits inside the Cajon so that it rests snugly against the bottom front face of the Cajon. This system makes the snare extremely easy to engage or disengage. Just a matter of leaning in and taking the snare piece out. Nothing to unhook or disentangle. This could easily be done between songs in a gig – or possibly even in a quiet section within a song.



While I would have thought having the snare sit at the low part of the Cajon face would mean more snare on the bass tones, and less snare at the top of the Cajon face, it’s not actually what happens. The bass is surprisingly dry, and the snare effect is only heard on the tones. The tone range is high and crisp – and while there’s not an abundance of snare effect it’s definitely there.


The higher end Schlagwerk Cajons, eg the La Peru series, definitely produce deeper warmer bass tones and a more responvive snare. Nevertheless, there is still clear separation between the bass and snare tones in the Agile Snare Cajon.


All in all I think it’s a great innovation and a fantastic instrument at its pricepoint. Ideal for new players or those on a budget wanting a good quality hand made Cajon.


Watch a video of the Agile Base Cajon here

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